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Welcome to Atlanta Antique Gallery’s Pink Antique!

If you’re looking for high-end, quality antiques, you have come to the right place! We offer a wide selection of antique goodies: porcelain (Imari, Limgoes, etc), milk glass, jewelry, civil war memorabilia, vintage fur coats and so much more!  If you have yet to stop by an antique store, Atlanta Antique Gallery is a great place to check out.  The latest issue of “People Extra: Stars at Home Edition,” you’ll find that some of your favorite celebrities have taken a liking to antiques.  This particular issue shows Jessica Alba, Whitney Port (of reality show “The Hills” and “The City”) and Joan Rivers talking about what they like to purchase and collect as far as antiques go. Jessica Alba was spotted in this issue with milk glass items as well as a hobnail vase, both types of items we are very familiar with here at the Atlanta Antique Gallery.If you’re familiar with fashion or reality MTV shows then you’ll definitely recognize Whitney Port who’s porcelain shoe collection started at a young age when her grandmother would buy her them while on road trips.  She also collects the antique glass shoes that she has saved over the years.  She estimates that she has about 75 of the collectible items.  “It’s something that I’ll have forever. It will always remind me of her” Port says (People).As for Joan Rivers, the antiques she likes to collect are glass perfume bottles, and her collection is quite lovely! She shows about 24 of them in this issue and says that a lot of them came from England.

All of the above mentioned items that some of your favorite celebrities have purchased can be found here in our store or at our website.  So, if you want to shop like a celebrity, look no further than Atlanta Antique Gallery!

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