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Atlanta Antique Gallery (AAG) Weblisting Program


We have the capability to market and sell on our www.atlantaantiquegallery.com items in a "one off" situation for remote customers. This is called our "REMOTE WEB DEALER PROGRAM"

How it Works:

  • Remote Dealers e-mail item descriptions, pictures to our  Admin@atlantaantiquegallery.com inbox.
  • AAG will create a weblisting for your item for a 90 day period.
  • Remote Dealers get 2 free price changes on their items during this period.
  • Once an approved offer has been accepted AAG will collect the payment from your buyer.
  • AAG supplies shipping info to the Remote Dealer.
  • The  Remote Dealer ships the item to the buyer.
  • AAG will confirm customer receipt of sold/shipped item, then forward proceeds to the Remote Dealer.


  • $10.00 per listing (item value < $100),  $20.00 per listing (item value $100-500),  $40.00 per listing (item value >  $500)
  • A flat 20% of the sales price, is retained to cover costs including your customers credit card fee's etc.
  • Credit Cards. PayPal & are accepted forms of payment.
  • Discounts will apply for multiple listings.
  • You can pay HERE

What You Get:

  • A 90-180 day weblisting with photo's & descriptions.
  • Access to the World Wide Web as your market place.
  • Ability to have your customers use credit cards/PayPal to purchase.
  • Guaranteed payment for your item (assuming terms & conditions are met).
  • Shipping dollars reimbursed (paid by your buyer) collected by AAG for you.
  • Dollars in your pocket!

Multiple Items To Sell?:

  • List upto 20 items for 6 months
  • $50.00 one time setup fee. $30.00 monthly hosting fee
  • Above costs/commissions do apply.


  • Photo's should have a neutral background (no pic's of the next door neighbors bicycles in the background!).
  • Price it right !
  • Take a 90 day approach to selling your item (price it for the first 30 days, and second & third 30 day periods).
  • You cannot over-describe your item!

Terms & Conditions:

Remote Dealers MUST stand behind their items. Fakes & reproductions are NOT allowed. Sale items returned to AAG as mis-represented items will be the Remote Dealer's responsibility.  Remote Dealer's MUST ship their items fully insured. Tracking numbers for shipped items, need to be communicated to AAG.

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