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The Gallery was first established in 2003 by Tricia (and the late) George Breckenridge. The business was then succeeded to Allan & Yvonne (Saldate) Auld in Aug of 2008. Atlanta Antique Gallery closed it's physical doors in 2013, and as of 2014 operates as an on-line store! Here's a bio on the Auld's.....

Allan Auld born in Kilmarnock a small town outside of Glasgow, Scotland . While playing semi pro football (thats soccer for us Yanks) he was injured and unable to continue playing professional. One door closed and another opened to keep Allan dry on one of those rare rainy days in London. It just so happened he had stepped into a placement center for Europeans in American Universities. Within a few months Allan was in New Mexico (quite a far cry from Scotland) attending University, playing soccer and shocking his parents with his deans list grades, a feat never seen in Scotland! From there he went on to a long and distinguished career of 25 years with Dun and Bradstreet that took him all over the country with his last stop being in Tucson, AZ.

During this time he developed a very popular website for the favorite team of all the Auld men going back to his great grandfather. Kilmarnock Football Team the oldest professional team in Europe or Killie as it is known by the fans now has a wonderful fans website. Allan has collected memorabilia from Killie dating back to the very first game in 1869. He has collected old team photos, jerseys, footballs and of course some great football stories from his fathers, uncles and grandfathers old mates. Allan has spent hundreds of hours perusing Ebay to find his treasures in addition to looking everywhere he can. One of his most prized possessions is a 1929 shot glass commemorating Killies win of the Scottish cup. Trust me there is a little pub somewhere in Kilmarnock still singing about the win in 1929!

Allan has also written articles for European football magazines as he has become quite the expert on the Scottish and European football (still soccer to us Yanks). Allan has managed to do a wonderful job of combining two of his loves.sports and sports (especially Killie) memorabilia from one of the oldest teams and technology. For all of Allans love of relics from the 1880s Allan also collects the very latest in computers, phones, TVs, iPods and any fun new techie stuff is also a passion for Allan. In fact it was this love of technology that led him to another love, his wife Yvonne of nine years whom he met online in early 2002. Allan today embraces his sales, marketing, and e-commerce skills towards driving AAG's sales momentum even higher!

Yvonne (Saldate) Auld was born in Tucson, AZ and came from a long line of fashionistas and expert shoppers. Yvonne collects vintage handbags, gloves, costume jewelry, shoes, scarves and clothing. In fact one of her most prized possessions is a dress that her grandmother wore in the 40s that she now wears. Yvonne has added to this long line of shoppers with 2 daughters Bella, 23 and Alex, 24 who share their mothers love of fashion and passion for vintage fashion. Once married, Allan and Yvonne married her love of fashion, vintage clothing and shopping to technology creating a website on these very things. Unfortunately for Allan, Yvonne shares his love of Ebay and has spent many hours (and dollars) pursuing vintage fashion items. This led to a radio show in Tucson and other show in Michigan, Florida and Houston. Soon Yvonne was hosting a weekly TV show in Tucson on fashion and shopping for anything and everything. She has also done TV shows on shopping in Mexico for consumers here in the U.S. Yvonne wrote a weekly column on fashion for a newspaper in Tucson. She also wrote various articles for different magazines and later worked as fashion editor for a local magazine. Yvonne also started websites and worked in the Phoenix market appearing as a guest on TV programs for Phoenix. While in Las Vegas Yvonne also started a site for shopping in Las Vegas.

After moving to Las Vegas the Auld family let what happens in Vegas stay in Vegas but they did not. They loaded up 2 cars with 2 daughters 2 cats and one spoiled blue heeler named Lucius. Allans job was based in Atlanta but his job was in Kenya. During this time the Aulds decided to do something together that their girls could share in. The first time they saw Atlanta Antique Gallery they knew they had found the perfect place. You can now find Bella, Zach, Watson and Alex at the gallery taking care of business, with a visit every once in awhile from Lucius, with Yvonne up front helping shoppers and always doing a little shopping of her own. Who can blame her?

Today Yvonne and Allan are both active in finding, collecting & marketing all types of collectables here at www.atlantaamtiquegallery.com

Enjoy ... "The Best Has Yet To Come"!

Yvonne & Allan Auld

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