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The fine art of Jon Haber. If you've ever been to Stone Mountain Park, you can find Jon Haber's murals above the Train Depot Gift Shop. Jon was commissioned by the park in 1996 to paint acrylics of the Plantation House, The General Train and the Scarlett O'Hara Riverboat. You may have also seen his work at Chateau Elan or while browsing an Ethan Allen furniture store. Jon received from the desk of Rosalyn Carter in Washington, D.C., a superior and excellent rating on his artistic ability. As an expression of their appreciation of Mr. Haber's art, President and Mrs. Carter are placing the Limited Edition 1/100 in the President's Library alongside the originals at the end of his term. President Carter signed not one, but four seperate editions beside Jon Haber's name. Jon's wife Jackie Holmes is also an accomplished artist and both were inducted into the Fine Art Trade Guild of England in 1982 and are the only American husband and wife artist team in the Guild.
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