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Memorabilia - British Royal Memorabilia
British Royal Memorabilia
Memorabilia - Advertising
If you are searching for antique advertising collectibles like antique signs, vintage advertising posters and other advertising memorabilia, then you have found the right place. We have great...More Details »
Memorabilia - Baseball Memorabilia
Interest in antique baseball memorabilia is as old as the game Abner Doubleday created in the 1800's. Collectors avidly search for antique baseball souveniers and keepsakes including antique...More Details »
Memorabilia - Civil War Memorabilia
Antique Civil War memorabilia is generally related to the military aspects of this historic conflict; however, antique photos of both union and confederate soldiers are a cross-over component of...More Details »
Memorabilia - Coca Cola
Public fascination with The Coca-Cola Company goes far beyond the fact that Coca-Cola is America's number one soft drink. Coke's advertising program has led thousands of antique Coca-Cola...More Details »
Memorabilia - Comic Book Characters
Comics first appeared in newspapers of the 1890's. The first modern format comic was issued in 1933. Following Superman's first appearance in June, 1938, a few of the most popular comic book...More Details »
Memorabilia - Disneyana
Disneyana is a collector's term referring to the work of the Disney studios and the many vintage commercial products modeled after Walt Disney's characters, including Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck,...More Details »
Memorabilia - Gone With The Wind
Gone With The Wind is a historical epic film of the War Between The States and Reconstruction starring Clark Gable, Vivien Leigh, Leslie Howard and a host of other stars. Released in 1939, the...More Details »
Memorabilia - Historical Memorabilia
History is avidly studied and debated, both by experts and novices. History provides us with insights into our heritage. Historical memorabilia documents events, people, places, and things,...More Details »
Memorabilia - Hopalong Cassidy
William Lawrence Boyd portrayed the most popular and beloved cowboy in American history ever to grace the silver screen as Hopalong Cassidy. He was a western hero known for all time as "the...More Details »
Memorabilia - Militaria
Militaria refers to the artifacts of the military generally in terms of collecting antiques of historical significance. Included are firearms, both long arms and short guns, weapons, uniforms,...More Details »
Memorabilia - Radio, T.V., & Movie Memorabilia
Radio, television and movie personalities and shows have produced highly collectible vintage objects in this area of collectibles. Radio memorabilia, tv memorabilia and movie memorabilia include:...More Details »
Memorabilia - Railroadiana
Railroad enthusiasts collect all types of antique train memorabilia. They collect vintage oil cans, antique railroad china, railroad lighted switch lights, antique railroad signs, railroad tickets,...More Details »
Memorabilia - Sports - Collectibles - Memorabilia
As a part of life in all corners of the world, sports have long been a central thread in the pastimes of men, women and children. It's funny what sports can teach us about the everyday and the...More Details »

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Chipper Jones Away Grey Atlanta Braves Jersey (with Jones Patch) Mens Large.
Description: Chipper Jones Away Grey Atlanta Braves Jersey (with Jones Patch) Mens Large. Rawlings, MLB authentic product. Used but very wearable/frame-able.
Item #: AAG
Condition: Used
Price: $99.00
Sale: $89.00
Save: 10%
Save: $10.00

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