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Eras of Style - Art Deco / Nouveau
The term Art Nouveau is a French term for the "new art" which had it's beginnings in the early 1890's and continued for the next 40 years. The flowing and sensuous female forms used in this period...More Details »
Eras of Style - Coronation
Commemorative china, tins, and other souvenirs honoring British Royalty are found in this category. Favorite subjects include Queen Victoria, King George VI, King George V, King George V and Mary,...More Details »
Eras of Style - Mid-Century Modern
The Mid-Century or 1950's era brings to mind contradictory design images -- from Hawaiian pieces utilizing sea shells and other natural materials to molded plastic furniture and accessories. This...More Details »
Eras of Style - Victoriana
Historically speaking, the Victorian era was one the most active periods that has resulted in Victorian antiques like fine jewelry, furniture, glass, silver, linens, women's accessories, and...More Details »
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