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Ladies Vintage Accessories Women and their accessories have grown with each evolution of style from Victorian, Edwardian, Roaring Twenties, Depression, World War II, Fabulous Fifties and Modern. One hundred and fifty years of design has resulted in this area of collecting...which encompasses hats, purses, hankies, gloves, fans, parasols, hosiery, shoes, aprons, and capes. Glimpsing into the closets and trunks of our predecessors provides us with a unique view of those eras in our past.

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In the first quarter of the 20th century, attitudes regarding cosmetics changed drastically. The use of make-up during the day was no longer looked upon with disdain. As women became "liberated,"...More Details »
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Purses have been essential to daily life every since people have had something precious to carry around with them. Embroidery and jewels adorned some of these purses, and were used to show status...More Details »
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