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From the final years of the eighteenth century until the first half of the nineteenth century lived a man of nature by the name of John James Audubon. His life was filled with romance, hardship, idealism, persistence and an unusually strong sense of purpose. During his lifetime, Audubon took in the sights of places surrounding the Atlantic, Caribbean, France, United States and England. Although at times he suffered from adversity and disappointment, he was fortunate to obtain financial well-being, distinguished artistic achievement and public acclaim from both sides of the Atlantic, albeit delayed in his adopted homeland. John James Audubon even today continues to be the most celebrated Wildlife American painter. Audubon's paintings are not only filled with such vitality and beauty, but they are also informative. He added information including what animals eat, their behavior, habits, where they live and how they breed. This detailed information along with the extraordinary paintings make Audubon's work both factual and visually pleasing to the eye. This goal is something to be reached by all students of the natural world. Whether students or just observers, the work of John James Audubon is a legacy that will continue to be enjoyed by all.
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