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Amphora is the name of a company and the astonishing art pottery it created. Located in Turn-Teplitz, Bohemia (now the Czech Republic), the firm was founded in 1892 by Eduard Stellmacher, his brothers-in-law Hans and Karl Reissner, and Rudolf Kessel. All these men were closely connected to Eduard’s father Alfred Stellmacher, who between 1876 and 1893 established himself as the foremost manufacturer of decorative ceramics in Turn-Teplitz. The Riessner brothers and Rudolf Kessel had married daughters of Alfred Stellmacher, so they formed part of Alfred Stellmacher’s family circle. Hans Riessner had also served as workshop head at Alfred’s porcelain manufactory, and Eduard had worked there as a designer. Thus it was with Alfred Stellmacher’s blessing that Amphora’s founders established themselves in one of his vacated manufactory buildings. Although Amphora and several other firms--such as Artistic Ceramics Paul Dachsel, Eduard Stellmacher and Co., and Ernst Wahliss and Co--have long been considered part of the Teplitz ceramics industry, they in fact were located in the neighboring village of Turn. Together, Turn and Teplitz constituted a pottery production center, which is why the words Turn-Teplitz often appear on the bottom of Amphora ceramics. During Amphora’s heyday, Bohemia formed part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, so Amphora pottery is sometimes considered Austrian. For the sake of convenience, I also include the works of Paul Dachsel, Eduard Stellmacher and Co., and Ernst Wahliss and Co., under the general heading of Amphora.
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