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Teddy Bears - Artist Designed. Teddy Bears are so much a part of growing up in America that few of us can imagine a childhood without a stuffed bear, and even grown-ups can�t resist the appealing glint in a teddy�s eye and the face. When you imagine the perfect Teddy Bear, you may remember the friend and companion of your childhood whose fur was worn thin by your hugs and whose ear was hanging on by only a thread. You may think of a valuable antique Stiff or Schuco bear, a handmade bear dressed as Teddy Roosevelt or a nursery-rhyme character. Your favorite kind of teddy bear might be a bright blue V.I.B. (Very Important Bear) or a cuddly plush teddy made by Gund, Russ Berrie, or Dakin. Whichever kind of bear you love best, you�ll find many of them on the website of Atlanta Antique Gallery. Teddy bears trace their lineage back to 1902 and a bear that President Teddy Roosevelt did not shoot. Teddy bears have come a long way since a political cartoon satirizing the president�s thwarted bear hunt inspired the manufacture of the first American teddy bears and the importing of large numbers of German-made teddies. While the best old-fashioned teddies were produced by large toy companies, many of today�s most beautiful teddies are made by individual bearmakers, working alone or in small workshops. Their skill and dedication to their unique craft is evident in every teddy they produce. But teddy bears are more than toys or collectible objects; they are symbols of love and affection and companions for hard times. Teddy bears share our secrets and encourage our dreams. Bearmakers know that teddy bears are important to people, and they include a little bit of themselves in every bear they make. Artist designed teddy bears include Durae Allen, JodyBattaglia, Genie Buttita, Anne Cranshaw, Nancy Crowe, Tatum Egelin, Martha Fain, Barbara Ferrier, Etta Foran & Pat Joho, Gloria & Mike Franks, Dian Gard, Donna Hodges, Hillary Hulen, Bonnie Waas McCabe, Ted Menten, Doris & Terry Michaud, Joanne Mitchell, Garry Nett, Beverly Port, Saki Romerhaus, Laurie Sasaki, Steve Schutt, Marcia Sibol, Carol-Lynn Rossel Waugh, Joan Woessner, and Pam Wooley. Many examples of these artist designed teddy bears reside at the Atlanta Antique Gallery. Large manufacturers have continued to make many wonderful bears from both old and new designs. These bears come in many shapes, sizes and colors, and are produced in factories all over the world. Some are made by companies that have been making bears for more than 80 years, while others are made by companies have have only recently begun to make teddies. But no matter what its color or place or origin, you can be sure that every bear is a cuddly ambassador of love. Manufactured teddy bears include Applause, Bearly There, Berg Spielwaren, R. Dakin & Company, Gebruder Hermann, Gund, House of Nisbet, Merrythought, North American Bear Company, Russ Berrie & Company, Steiff and Trudy.
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