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Antique Pocket Watches were first introduced in the early 1800's to the the United States. Later, in approximately 1850, the US public was introduced to the first wrist watch. The US watch-making industry dates back to the early 1900's when the pocketwatch then became a status symbol in America. Manufacturers of these antique watches, pocket watches and wrist watches were abundant, and included many manufacturers like Accutron, Hamilton, Waltham, Elgin, Illinois, Hampden, New York Standard, Lancaster, South Bend, Seth Thomas, Independent, Manhattan, Tremont, Rockford, Waterbury, Rolex, Columbus, American Waltham, to name but a few. It was during the 16th century, when watches were introduced in England, they instantly became of stuff of legends. To this day pocket watches have been described as one of the most desirable fashion pieces of their era, and are highly collectable & sought after items. The Atlanta Antique Gallery carries a large selection of antique and vintage pocket watches.
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