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As a part of life in all corners of the world, sports have long been a central thread in the pastimes of men, women and children. It's funny what sports can teach us about the everyday and the mundane aspects of life, love and our inner workings. Parents have used sports to teach their children how to play together, how to win, how to lose and that, in the game, fundamentally we are all the same.

No matter what the sport, baseball, football, golf, hunting and fishing, tennis, boxing, soccer, polo, and horseback riding, collectors have found pleasure in remembering the great and the mighty of their game. In baseball, the faces of your favorite players on a Topps card or the jersey from your favorite team, a photo of the '27 Yankees, remembering the Negro League, Babe Ruth's signed ball or the pennant of a hometown favorite , can illicit the best from a person when talking about the game. One swing with a nine-iron can bring back shades of better times and memories of a golden age of competitors in the sport.

Go long for a pass from one of your biggest heroes and recall the glory of a major win. Maybe you are the collector of antique knives, antique duck decoys, fishing lures, rods and reels, if so, we hope we can bring something new to your collection of sports memorabilia. If you are the consummate fisherman that can wile away the hours on a lake�in a bass stream or the deep sea fisherman on the ocean blue�then see what we can offer to spark your interest among the selection our dealers have found just for you here at the Atlanta Antique Gallery.

We hope all of your memories can be felt in this antique collecting realm....take a look!!

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Chipper Jones Away Grey Atlanta Braves Jersey (with Jones Patch) Mens Large.
Description: Chipper Jones Away Grey Atlanta Braves Jersey (with Jones Patch) Mens Large. Rawlings, MLB authentic product. Used but very wearable/frame-able.
Item #: AAG
Condition: Used
Price: $99.00
Sale: $89.00
Save: 10%
Save: $10.00

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