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The second half of the 19th century was the golden age for decorative antique bottles, e.g., perfume bottles, cologne bottles, and scent bottles. An antique atomizer, for example, is a perfume bottle with a spray mechanism. Antique cologne bottles, however, usually are larger antique bottles that have stoppers, which also were often used as applicators. An antique perfume bottle has a stopper that often is elongated and designed to be an applicator. Antique scent bottles are small antique bottles used to hold a scent or smelling salts. An antique vinaigrette bottle is an ornamental box or bottle that has a perforated top and is used to hold aromatic vinegar or smelling salts. And, finally, factices are a representation of a commercial product that is generally mass produced and sold in retail stores, and is used as a display item. They look identical to the actual product, except they don't carry actual perfume, but a colored water and alcohol mixture. Most often they are giant bottles, but they also are made in miniature sizes as well. The Atlanta Antique Gallery has a wonderful selection of antique perfume bottles and factices.

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Glass - Antique - Perfume/Factice/Cologne Bottles - Cologne Bottles
Antique cologne bottles in many shapes and sizes.
Glass - Antique - Perfume/Factice/Cologne Bottles - Factice Bottles
The word "Factice" in French means fake or dummy. When perfume manufacturers were ready to launch a new fragrance, the manufactured a giant bottle, or factice, which was an exact replica of the new...More Details »
Glass - Antique - Perfume/Factice/Cologne Bottles - Perfume Bottles
Antique perfume bottles from all eras and all over the world.
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