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Antique Civil War memorabilia is generally related to the military aspects of this historic conflict; however, antique photos of both union and confederate soldiers are a cross-over component of this category. Antique civil war battle maps, antique autographs, antique ephemera, antique blue/grey relics, antique flags, antique civil war uniforms, antique firearms, antique knives and civil war military documents comprise this vast area of historical collecting. Atlanta Antique Gallery offers civil war memorabilia for the civil war antiques collector.

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Description: Bronze Bust Civil War General. 5-1/2" tall.
Item #: AAG-TPG-34838
Condition: Antique
Unique Item
Price: $197.00
Sale: $150.00
Save: 24%
Save: $47.00
Qty: 1

Description: 1865-1965. Japan. Flag is painted the wrong color which makes it unique.
Item #: WHL-63526
Condition: Antique
Price: $110.00

Items 1-2 of 2
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