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Antique cookie jars are figural, often very colorful and whimsical, and are now an established collecting category. Cookie jars were designed to reflect old and newer tastes, hence the same jar may be found in several variations. Many shapes of antique cookie jars have been manufactured by more than one company and so they can be found with different marks. Some of the more recognizable and collectible names of antique cookie jars are Watt Pottery, Abbington Pottery, Shawnee Pottery, Franciscan Pottery, Hull Pottery, Bauer Pottery, and Red Wing Pottery. In recent times, Glenn Appleman antique cookie jars have joined the ranks of established makers as a collectible from the 80's.

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Glenn Appleman's distinctive hand-made and signed artworks are a combination of whimsy, nostalgia, and irreverence. They have become collectibles prized by Sophia Loren, Dustin Hoffman, Reggie...More Details »
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