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The appeal of collectible antique thermometers and vintage thermometers is growing rapidly and for good reason...they're still affordable; they're small; they're useful; and they go with every decor. American, English and European examples are all well represented at the Atlanta Antique Gallery from Victorian to Art Deco. Antique and vintage thermometer makers such as Taylor, Atchison, Bradley & Hubbard, Smith Brothers, McClelland Barclay, Wilder, Tiffany and Tycos are represented here at the Atlanta Antique Gallery.

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Description: Georg Jensen Thermometer-designed by Kenneth Grange.
Item #: RPM-59318
Condition: Antique
Price: $125.00

Description: Globe thermometer, 6.5" x 5"
Item #: LHL-21758
Condition: Antique
Unique Item
Price: $60.00
Qty: 1

Description: Quinometer Thermometer. Baby/nursery thermometer.
Item #: RPM 62167
Condition: Antique
Price: $85.00

Description: Small Taylor Thermometer. Bakelite stand.
Item #: RPM-05
Condition: Antique
Description: "St. Labre Indian School Ashland, Montana."
Item #: RPM 6166
Condition: Antique
Price: $35.00

Items 1-5 of 5
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