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Historically speaking, the Victorian era was one the most active periods that has resulted in Victorian antiques like fine jewelry, furniture, glass, silver, linens, women's accessories, and decorating items. Victorian antiques�also called Victoriana�have proven to be quite collectible and have maintained favor and strong prices, reflecting a fascination with the antique celluloid photo albums, antique celluloid collar boxes, dresser boxes and grooming sets of the day.

Such a prolific time in the world for the making of fine personal items such as antique opera glasses, cigarette cases, hair combs, fantastic fans and, in addition, fine sewing items made of rich textures of abalone, velvets, satin, lace, brass and bronze, fine beadwork, meticulously carved woods and painted leathers. The gamut of Victorian antiques encompasses many beautiful antique dresser accessories like lace and bronze dore' trays, lovely antique embroidery, hand-painted glass featuring florals and portraits of women in high finery, French paintings on ivory, candelabra and the purest of whites in lace and delicate linens. Antique jewelry speaks for itself with an array of cameos to delight and adorn.

Browse with patience, the variety of Victorian Antiques that we offer at the Atlanta Antique Gallery. We're sure you will find this opportunity to reminisce, time well spent.

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