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Antique photographs are distinguished in several ways: Daguerreotypes are one-of-a-kind images on silver-coated copper plate, circa 1839-1860; Ambrotypes are one-of-a-kind images on glass plate, circa 1854-1865; Tintypes are one-of-a-kind images on iron plate, circa 1856-late 1800's; CDV (Carte de Visites) are paper photos mounted on card stock that are NOT necessarily one-of-a-kind, circa 1854-late 1800's; Cabinet photos are printed antique photographs attached to a cardboard mount that are NOT necessarily one-of-a-kind, circa 1863-early 1900's.

The Atlanta Antique Gallery carries many interesting antique photographs. Feel free to browse our selection!

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Description: Cartes De Visite Album 4 3/4" x 5 3/4" 25 pages (holds 50 CDVS) mint condition but missing one brass clasp & three embellishments. circa mid to late 1800's
Item #: GWS-61981
Condition: Antique
Price: $125.00

Description: Early Scottish Church Photograph. In 12" oval metal frame. Internet only listing.
Item #: SWN-30214
Condition: Antique
Unique Item
Price: $75.00
Qty: 1

Description: 2.6" D Miniature Portrait in 4.3" Brass Frame Of Woman On Ivory Signed "R. Valmont" "Dsse. Des Vines Faux"
Item #: 102-48278
Condition: Antique
Price: $245.00

Description: 3.2"X3.9" Miniature Portrait On Ivory Jane Grey Brass Oval Frame With Ribbon Top signed "B.Ber"
Item #: 102-48280-12
Condition: Antique
Description: Miniature Portrait Woman Reading Letter Signed "Hill" in Oval Gilt Frame 3.4" X 3.6 "
Item #: 102-48281
Condition: Antique
Price: $175.00

Description: Miniature Portrait- Woman In Vail in Cream Frame
Item #: 102-48277
Condition: Antique
Price: $165.00

Items 1-6 of 6
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