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Early man used ivory for tools, weapons, in transportation, furniture, adornment and wealth. It was also used in religious and mystic ceremonies. Ivory is unique for its carving characteristics and has been sought after and exploited for the last few hundred centuries. Its scarceness has made it a priceless jewel and it has been used as a measurement of wealth amongst all societies. Africa, the Far East, and Asian countries of the world developed ivory carving for their respective cultures and European ivory sculptors of the 17th and 18th centuries provided carvings that now reside in museums. The Atlanta Antique Gallery offers a diverse selection of antique ivory in the form of antique Victorian jewelry including brooches, cameos, bracelets, pendants, necklaces; antique Victorian miniature ivory paintings, cigarette holders, and carved desk accessories; Japanese Netsukes; antique swords and knives; bronze sculptures with ivory accents; and carved figurines. Note: You may find some items that are actually bone, in this category.

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Ivory - Ivory
Ivory - Netsuke
Hand-carved antique netsuke, made of elephant, hippo, or fossil mammoth ivory, have long been collected for both their beauty and their fascinating history. In addition, the Atlanta Antique Gallery...More Details »
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