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Doulton of Lambeth, founded in 1815, initially produced salt glazed stonewares of a utilitarian nature, later evolving into artwares of various collectible forms, including jugs, vases, flasks, many of which were artist signed; thus, Antique Royal Doulton Porcelain gaining popularity with collectors. Doulton of Burslem in Staffordshire, England, was established in 1877�changing its name to Doulton & Co.�in 1882 and began producing high quality antique porcelains in 1884. Antique Royal Doulton porcelain tablewares were made in large quantity and, in the early 1900's, figurines became an important aspect of their production. Following the 1901 appointment by King Edward VII, Royal was added to the name of Doulton. Royal Doulton is well known for its antique Royal Doulton porcelain character jugs and Toby jugs, as well as antique decorative plates, series ware, and other antique tablewares.
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