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The Royal Bayreuth porcelain factory was founded in 1794 in Tettau, Bavaria, and introduced its very popular figural patterns in about 1885. This wonderful antique Royal Bayreuth porcelain was all the rage of Victorian times because of the variety of utilitarian and decorative nature forms. The figurals of fruit, animals, flowers, people and vegetables have long been a staple among antique Royal Bayreuth collectors. Among the other extremely popular lines is the tapestry line that encompasses rose tapestry in several color variation such as one, two and three color roses and the very rare sterling silver rose. Scenic tapestry is also available and non-tapestry forms of scenics are among the collectors favorites including the "Babes in the Woods" and "Sunbonnet Babies", "Nursery Rhyme and Snow Babies decors.These unique antique porcelain wares are available in toothpick holders, match safes, table service pieces, vases, decorative plaques, novelties, hatpin holders, and baskets. We encourage you to browse our selection of antique Royal Bayreuth porcelain to see examples of this great Victiorian collectible.
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