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In the historical sense, Majolica is earthenware with a white, tin-opacified viscous glaze, decorated by applying colorants (often with a brush, using calligraphic brush work) on the raw glazed surface. The viscosity of the antique glaze on antique Majolica restricts flow as the glaze melts, giving a glossy surface that maintains the line quality of the surface decoration. Antique Majolica derived its name from the Spanish shipping port of "Majolica" in the 13th century. Since that time, Majolica has become very popular among collectors.

In 1851, Herbert Minton and his French ceramic chemist, presented "Majolica" to the world of ceramics. It was well received at the Great Exhibition at the Crystal Palace in London. The excitement generated by the richly colored antique Majolica inspired artists to develop art revival styles parallel to those of the Renaissance, Palissy design, Gothic revival and medieval styles, naturalism (by far the most prolific), oriental and Islamic styles, and figural pieces.

Manufacturers of these Majolica antiques include: George Jones, Wedgewood, Minton, English, Continental, and European. Items included in the antique Majolica manufacturer are: antique oyster plates, antique sardine dishes, antique baskets, antique bowls, antique asparagus platters, antique plates, antique compotes, antique planters, antique cache pots, antique urns, antique fountains and antique umbrella stands. Shop the Atlanta Antiques Gallery now for fine Majolica antiques.
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