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Antique Flow Blue is a classic blue and white antique ware (antique semi-porcelain, antique stoneware, or antique porcelain) that was produced by a number of potters in the historic Staffordshire area of England. It was particularly popular from 1825 to the end of the century. When a piece of antique Flow Blue was fired in a kiln, a smudged or blurred effect was achieved on the antique pottery, varying from slight to so pronounced, that the pattern is almost indistinguishable. This was determined by the position of the item in the sagger (or protective casing) during the firing process of the antique Flow Blue, as the blue color bleeds or flows onto the white body of the piece.

Manufactures of antique Flow Blue include, George Jones, W. H. Grindley, Davenport, Johnson Brothers, Lockhart & Arthur, T.J. & J. Mayer, Arthur Wilkinson, Argyle, Ford & Sons, W. & Y. Adams, R. & M. Co., W. & E. Corn, John Maddock & Sons, J. H. Weatherby & Sons, Doulton, S. W. Dean, Henry Alcock, Brown-Westhead, Moore & Co., Ford & Sons, Burgess & Leigh, Wood & Son, A. Meakin, Ridgeway & Morley, Ridgeways and New Wharf Pottery. These manufacturers' marks are always present on antique Flow Blue ware.
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