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Antique lamps and lighting devices have evolved from simple stone-age lamps to the popular electric antique lamps. Aime Argand patented the first oil antique lamps in 1784. Around 1850, kerosene became a popular lamp-burning fluid, replacing whale oil and other fluids. In 1879, Thomas A. Edison invented the electric light, causing fluid lamps to lose favor and creating a new field for lamp manufacturers.

Companies like Tiffany and Handel became skillful at manufacturing electric lamps, and their decorators produced beautiful bases and shades. Other makers of antique lamps represented here at the Atlanta Antique Gallery are Bradley and Hubbard, Aladdin, Pairpoint, and Durand.

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In 1909, Victor S. Johnson incorporated the Mantle Lamp Company of America, and selected the name Aladdin for a trade mark. Oil burning antique Aladdin lamps were marketed in 1912. Early antique...More Details »
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