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Wave Crest is an antique glass line produced by the C.F. Monroe Company of Meriden, Connecticut around 1892. One of the most important names associated with the company is Carl V. Helmschmied, who has a very popular glass blank named for him called the Helmschmied swirl. The C.F. Monroe Company offered a broad array of antique glass, some with silver plate, brass and sterling mountings; as well as other basic opal white antique glass lines like Nakara and Kelva. A good number of these Wave Crest antique glasswares were marked with stamped marks on the base to signify each design technique. It is important to note that Wave Crest blown glass blanks were made by a variety of other companies, including the Mt. Washington Glass Company, then purchased by C.F. Monroe for final decorating by highly accomplished enamel artists. Shape-wise, the products were made primarily for utilitarian purposes such as antique jewelry containers, antique hair ornaments, antique collar and cuff boxes, antique salt shakers, antique match holders, antique syrups, and other table wares. Wave Crest decorative antique vases depicting colorful floral sprays, portraiture and scenes are actively sought in the antique glass collecting arena.
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