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It has been said that Victorians had "something for every occasion," which does seem to be the case as we examine the sugar shaker or �muffineer.�

It is a great tradition among Victorian antique collectors to revel in the pleasures of setting a magnificent table, and the antique sugar shaker is right at home with that idea. The English started this tradition with the muffineer, which was used to sprinkle powdered sugar on the morning offerings of biscuits, scones and muffins, thus the name "muffineer".

In the American antique victorian setting, they are referred to as "antique sugar shakers" and are mainly a great antique pattern and art glass collectible.

But don't stop there! Many of the finest porcelain, ceramic, silverplate and sterling silver companies joined in and made many wonderful antique sugar shakers for use at the most elegant tables.

Here is a chance to give your dining table a shot in the arm with a shake or two from a beautiful antique sugar shaker. Or, you can just dress up a shelf with a bit of history.
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