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At the end of an era of open salts, which had been the staple of Victorian table dining, the salt shaker made a debut which coincided with the pourable form of salt. It took on the form of the pepper pot that accompanied the open salt at dinnner tables of the Early American Glass Period (EAGP) lacy and flint glass. Antique shakers for salt & pepper in this section are largely antique glass of the Victorian era but there are many antique shakers of porcelain, ceramic, bakelite & catalin, novelty, vintage, art deco and elegant glass period types to capture your imagination. The range is virtually limitless! The glass antique shakers cover pressed and blown, clear and colored patterns, and antique art glass types from companies such as Mt. Washington Glass Co., New England Glass Co., Moser, Steuben, Thomas Webb and Sons, Stevens and Williams, C.F. Monroe (Wave Crest) and the Phoenix Glass Co.. Many pattern glass makers such as Hobb-Brockunier, Northwood, Greentown, Jefferson, Consolidated, Challinor-Taylor, Riverside, Nickel Plate, Dalzell-Gilmore-Leighton, Model Flint, Cambridge, Bellaire, Beaumont among others were prolific producers of antique salt & pepper shakers in opalescent, custard glass, chocolate glass, cased glass and fine enameled glass. Highly prized today are sets in silverplate holders designed to accent the pair of antique salt & pepper shakers for elegant table dining in antique victorian style. Browse this selection of varied forms, styles and colors for your special antique dining table needs or for that special salt & pepper shaker to fill your collection.
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