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The A.H. Heisey Glass Company began producing in April, 1896, in Newark, Ohio. Many blown and molded patterns were produced in crystal, colored, milk, and custard glass. Decorative techniques of cutting, etching, and silver deposit were employed. Glass figurines were introduced in 1933 and continued in production until 1957 when the factory closed. All antique and vintage Heisey glass is notable for its clarity. Patterns made by Heisey include Winged Scroll, Pineapple and Fan, Fancy Loop, Punty Band, Old Sandwich, Ridgeleigh, Empress, Orchid, Lariat, Rose, New Era, Patrician, Pluto, Thumbprint and Panel, Trophy, Windsor, Twist, Minuet, Tudor, Crystolite, Colonial, Plantation, Carcassone, Old Dominion, Waverly. Colors of this lovely antique and vintage elegant glass include Alexandrite, Crystal, Hawthorne, Flamingo, Sahara, Marigold, Cobalt Blue, Moongleam, and more.
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