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The history of the telephone is a long one and collectors of today�s antique telephones have an amazing array of different antique telephones to choose from. Among the various types of vintage telephones and antique telephones are wall phones, pay telephones, intercom telephones, vintage princess telephones, antique upright telephones, vintage cradle phones and a wide variety of vintage novelty phones.

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Description: Automatic Electric Model AE40 Telephone. Solid Bakelite. All original except cord. Working condition. 1940's.
Item #: MJD-51025
Condition: Antique
Price: $175.00
Sale: $149.00
Save: 15%
Save: $26.00

Description: Minor plate loss. Good condition.
Item #: WAR-62528
Condition: Antique
Description: Stromberg Carlson Phone Model 1243, Original heavy metal outer case. Great ring. Circa 1940's.
Item #: MJD-43363
Condition: Antique
Unique Item
Price: $199.00
Sale: $168.00
Save: 16%
Save: $31.00
Qty: 1

Description: Western Electric Wall Phone. Alligator trim. Original design line telephone. 1982.
Item #: MJD-41669
Condition: Antique
Unique Item
Price: $79.00
Qty: 1

Items 1-4 of 4
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