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Van Briggle Pottery, established in 1899, is one of the oldest active art potteries in the United States. Founded by Artus Van Briggle, of Holland Dutch descent, Van Briggle Pottery has been considered one of the great American art potteries for over a century. Artus came to Colorado Springs after years of training at distinguished potteries and art academies in the United States and in Europe. He and his wife Anne, also an accomplished artist, began a tradition of making fine pottery which quickly swept the western art world. Though gifted in many areas of artistic expression, it was in clay and glaze where their considerable talents flourished. Ultimately their Art Nouveau designs and satin mat glazes received the highest awards of the day. Numerous awards were conferred upon Van Briggle works by such juries as the Paris Salon, the Saint Louis Exhibition, the Lewis and Clark Centennial, and the Arts & Crafts Exhibition in Boston.
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