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The antique Roseville Pottery was incorporated in 1892. The firm's first antique manufacturing line included antique stoneware jars, antique flowerpots and antique cuspidors which were manufactured in Roseville, Ohio. After its move to Zanesville, it was decided that Roseville would manufacture antique art pottery. Roseville is famous for the manufacture of many antique pottery patterns, including some of the most famous: antique Green Matte, antique Apple Blossom, antique Artcraft, antique Artwood, antique Autumn, antique Aztec, antique Azurean, antique Baneda, antique Bitterswee, antique Blackberry, antique Bleeding Heart, antique Blue Ware, antique Burmese, antique Bushberry, antique Cameo, antique Capri, antique Carnelian I, antique Carnelian II, antique Cherry Blossom, antique Chinese Red, antique Chloron, antique Clemana, antique Clematis, antique Coat-of-Arms, antique Colonial, antique Columbine, antique Corinthian, antique Cornelian or Cornelian Twist, antique Cosmos, antique Cremo, antique cremona, antique Crocus, antique Crystal Green, antique Crystalis, antique Dahlrose, antique Dawn, antique Della Robbia, antique Dogwood I, antique Dogwood II, antique Donatella tea sets, antique Donatello, antique Dutch, antique Earlam, antique Egypto or Rozane Egypto, antique Falline, antique Ferrella, antique Florance, antique Florentine, antique Forest, antique Forget-Me-Not, antique Foxglove, antique Freesia, antique Fuchsia, antique Fudji, antique Fujiyama or Woodland, antique Futura, antique Gardenia, antique Glossy Pine Cone, antique Glossy White Rose, antique Holland, antique Holly, antique Imperial I, antique Imperial II, antique Iris, antique Ivory II, antique Ixia, antique Jonquil, antique Juvenile, antique Landscape, antique La Rose, antique Laurel, antique Lombardy, antique Lotus, antique Luffia, antique Luster, antique Magnoliz, antique Mara, Rozane, antique Matte Color, antique Mayfair, antique Medallion, antique Ming Tree, antique Mock Orange, antique Moderne, antique Monticallo, antique Morning Glory, antique Moss, antique Mostique, antique Normandy, antique Nursery, antique Old Ivory, antique Olympic, Rozane, antique Orian, antique Panel, antique Pasadena, antique Pauleo, antique Peony, antique Persian, antique Pine Cone, antique Poppy, antique Primrose, antique Raymore, antique Raymore Modern Artware, antique Romafin, antique Rosecraft, antique Rosecraft JBlack, antique Rosecraft Blended, antique Rosecraft Hexagon, antique Rosecraft Panel, antique Rosecraft Vintage, antique Royal Capri, antique Rozane I, antique Rozane Crystalis, antique Rozane Egypto, antique Rozane Fudji, antique Rozane Grecian, antique Rozane Mara, antique Rozane Matte, antique Rozane Mongol, antique Rozane Ware, antique Russco, antique Savona, antique Silhouette, antique Snowberry, antique Sunflower, antique Sylvan, antique Teasel, antique Thorn Apple, antique Topeo, antique Tourist, antique Tourmaline, antique Tuscany, antique Valmoss, antique Velmoss Scroll, antique Venetian, antique Victorian, antique Vista, antique Volpato, antique Water Lily, antique White Rose, antique Wincraft, antique Windsor, antique Wisteria, antique Woodland and antique Zephyr Lily.
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