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Art Pottery was first made in Cincinnati, Ohio during the 1870's. Art pottery antique pieces were hand-thrown, hand-decorated artistic products. Later antique products, also considered part of the antique art pottery movement, were made with underglaze slip decoration, matte glaze, high-gloss glaze, carved, molded, or applied decoration, and with a variety of other techniques. The antique art pottery pieces were hand thrown and hand decorated. The antique art pottery tradition continued until the 1920's.

Some of the most famous antique art potteries include antique Brush McCoy Pottery, Camark Pottery, Fulper Pottery, Hull Pottery, McCoy Pottery, Nelson McCoy Pottery, Niloak Pottery, Rookwood Pottery, Roseville Pottery, Shawnee Pottery, Van Briggle Pottery and Weller Pottery. We hope you enjoy browsing through our extensive collection of antique art pottery!

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