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R.S. Prussia is well-known in the United States as one of the top antique Victorian porcelains. Though production began in 1861 by Erdmann Schlegelmilch, R.S. Prussia captured the hearts of Victorian America in 1880-1910 . Around 1869 his brother, Reinhold established a factory at Tillowitz. Starting in the late 19th century, an active export business was established with the United States and Canada, indicating a large supply of porcelain at reasonable costs. This was achieved through industrialization and cheap labor. The R.S. Prussia mark was developed to honor the brothers' father, Rudolph, and that mark is today known as the "red mark". This very thin and high quality antique porcelain is aggressively collected worldwide due to the variety of decal or transferware decorations against a background of rich colors and textures. There are many molds that are recognizable by relief patterns of florals and geometric designs such as the carnation mold, the iris mold, swag and jewel mold, hidden image mold, stippled floral, point and clover, some are indications of the factory of origin. One of the more sought after decorating themes is the cobalt decorated antique R.S. Prussia especially depicting birds. scenes, and portraits. While bowls may be among the most available forms, there is a plentiful supply of antique vases and other antique R.S. Prussia utilitarian table wares.
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