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Porcelain and Ceramics
Among antique porcelain collectors, tastes vary and so do the places of origin. Each country's products have strong followings that are represented in the selection that we offer at the Atlanta Antique Gallery.

Though France, Germany, Austria, and Japan were the largest producers of high quality porcelains, the American decorating market captured its own segment of antique porcelain collectors. A variety of forms from the purely decorative antique porcelain to the utilitarian porcelain such as desk sets, tablewares, china, figurines, dresser accessories, and classic forms of the vase and urn, make collecting in this genre exciting!

Current favorites enjoying a strong market value are English transferwares in popular browns and reds, oyster plates, Majolica, Dresden, R.S. Prussia, Belleek (American and Irish), Pickard, Nippon, Royal Bayreuth, and unique figural Noritake items. Classic figurines of largely German descent have long been enjoyed by collectors of Victorian antiques.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, please browse our dealers' selections in the antique porcelain for your shopping pleasure.

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