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We have tablecloths to fit your table. Bought in Dublin, London, Germany we can accomodate almost any size table. Your table measurements require an 8 to 10 inch drop on all sides. Choose yours from an array of shapes and colors. Sizes range from 8 foot tables to banquet size of 15 foot.

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Description: 44" Square Irish Linen Tablecloth, cut-work & embroidery, scalloped filet lace trim, motif stylized flowers. Art Deco type
Item #: EML-45014
Condition: Antique
Unique Item
Price: $145.00
Sale: $125.00
Save: 14%
Save: $20.00
Qty: 1

Description: Irish Linen Table Cloth. 25" Square plus 10 inch drop of filet lace "Daffodils" motif. Victorian!
Item #: EML-44871
Condition: Antique
Unique Item
Price: $175.00
Qty: 1

Description: Afternoon Tea Cloth. Crisp Irish Linen, 38" Square (includes 9" Filet lace surround "Daffodil" pattern). Vintage
Item #: EML-44870
Condition: Antique
Unique Item
Price: $225.00
Sale: $199.00
Save: 12%
Save: $26.00
Qty: 1

Description: Supper Cloth, 50" sq. Linen center with Basket Shape cut-outs. Filet trim. Completely hand-made.
Item #: EML-60004
Condition: Antique
Price: $150.00
Sale: $140.00
Save: 7%
Save: $10.00

Items 1-4 of 4
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