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The category of antique glass is a major area of antique collecting with a very passionate following. The history of antique glass covers many centuries, countries, and periods; and the popularity of antique glass has continued to increase. At Atlanta Antique Gallery, we offer a broad spectrum of antique glass from A to Z, from Argy-Rousseau to Zarovien. Glass production and interest in this glass is global in scale, in forms capturing the imagination of all age groups, with even children constituting a segment of the collecting population. If your mind can imagine it, it exists in glass. In this category, you will find antique art glass, antique and vintage opalescent glass, antique brilliant period cut glass, antique and vintage pressed and pattern glass, antique and vintage milk glass, antique enameled glass, antique carnival glass; encompassing forms such as antique cruets, fairy lamps, antique perfume and cologne bottles, antique sugar shakers, Victorian glass, antique toothpick holders, antique syrup jugs; antique and elegant Heisey, Cambridge, Duncan, Fostoria and other Ohio glass companies. The range is staggering and we invite you to explore the antique glass possibilities.

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