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Country stores are a �dying breed,� but its refreshing to know that one can still obtain a glimpse into the windows of these fascinating pictures of our past. Stroll through the screen door into the planked-floor environment of a time-gone-by symbolized by antique hand-cranked appliances, antique glass candy jars, store counter-weighted scales and old soda fountain counter items. From the old wooden store displays to games and advertising signs, the Atlanta Antique Gallery offer plenty of items to heighten your nostalgia for a simpler time.

Names such as Arcade, Dayton, Westinghouse, Kitchen Aid capture some of the fine condition and re-conditioned memories for you to browse. Antique scales by Dayton, antique and vintage coffee grinders by Arcade and Kitchen Aid, soda fountain milk shake mixers by Hamilton Beach, soap dispensers by Palmolive and many others are all here for your shopping pleasure.

The tough hands of craftsmen that made many of these great country store antiques are longing to touch these symbols of heart felt work made with the love of the craft.
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