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Dresser Accessories from the Victorian, Art Deco, Art Nouveau periods, and even most recently, the 1950's, comprise an area of antique and vintage collecting that includes unique and avidly sought-after treasures. This list encompasses antique dresser sets, hair brushes, hand mirrors, hair combs, dresser boxes, powder boxes, antique collar boxes, jewelry boxes, dresser trays, hair receivers, clocks, glove boxes, and small picture frames. Vintage and antique dresser accessories may be constructed of a variety of materials such as celluloid, catalin, glass, sea shells, sterling silver, thermoplastic, enamel, mother of pearl, wood, porcelain, bronze, tortoise, silver plate, bakelite, french ivory, and brass. The Atlanta Antique Gallery is delighted to offer its customers quality antique dresser accessories for their enjoyment.

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