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Cultural - Regional
Cultural antiques collectors with an eye for beauty and history have long been lured by the power of Native American, Pre-Columbian, Japanese and Black Americana. Exploring cultural antiques and cultural artifacts, provides insight into other cultures, giving us an idea of how those antique cultures lived.

Atlanta Antique Gallery has a huge selection of cultural antiques to include: Netsuke figurines, hand painted Japanese porcelain, Nippon porcelain, Pre-Columbian artifacts, Native American (Apache, Hopi, Sioux, Kachine, Navajo, Pomo, to name a few), ivory pieces, and antique Black Memorabilia. Collecters of cultural antiques are bound to find something of interest in this category! Iyems specific to a geographic Region can also be found here!

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Cultural - Regional - African
African Art -- The arts and material culture of the African continent constitute one of the most diverse and innovative legacies on the planet. Though many casual observers tend to generalize...More Details »
Cultural - Regional - Antiquarian
Antiquarians are antique artifacts over 1,000 years old and relate to our category that encompasses antique artifacts from Pre-Colombian, African, Mexican, and South American cultures.
Cultural - Regional - Black American
Cultural - Regional - Black Forrest (Germany) Items
Wood-carving is a traditional cottage industry in the Black Forrest Region of SW Germany, with carved ornaments being much sought after by tourists & collectors. Cuckoo clocks are a popular...More Details »
Cultural - Regional - Black Memorabilia
Once hidden away like guilty secrets, antique black memorabilia is now cherished and coveted by enthusiasts around the world, although some antique black memorabilia collectors find the nature of...More Details »
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Cultural - Regional - Chinese
Cultural - Regional - General
General items found in the cultural antique world.
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Cultural - Regional - Japanese
Cultural - Regional - Japanese Porcelain
Cultural - Regional - Masks / Tribal/Ceremonial
For many centuries tribal masks played a major role in rituals, celebrations, ceremonial and tribal initiations. Masking rituals are normally accompanied with prayer, music, song and/or dance....More Details »
Cultural - Regional - Mayan
Cultural - Regional - Mexican
Cultural - Regional - Native American
Native American artifacts resonate with both the individual beauty of each item and the spirit and craftsmanship of the individuals who made them. They provide a vivid example of the diversity and...More Details »
Cultural - Regional - Pre-Columbian
Cultural - Regional - Tribal Art:  Carvings & Masks
Tribal artists tend to favor three-dimensional artworks over two-dimensional works, as reflected in their prolific carvings which tend to favor visual abstraction over naturalistic representation,...More Details »
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