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Oil Paintings - Fine Art Before the invention of cameras and other ways to mechanically capture an image, portrait paintings served to capture the likeness of an individual. Paintings have been done in a variety of mediums and on varying canvases, board, etc. Often, it was what was available in a particular area or time that influenced the materials. Having one's portrait painted was often a sign of wealth and many artists found themselves in demand once their reputations became established. Today art historians, curators, dealers, and collectors study portraits to determine the age of the painting and often use clues found in the backgrounds or clothing of the sitter to determine age, if no identification is available. Many portraits have a detailed provenance that allows the sitters, and often the artists, to be identified. We at the Atlanta Antique Gallery are convinced that you will find our collection of antique oil paintings and other fine art antiques worthy of a browse. Our artist include George Henri Carre, Samual Marseden Brookes and Maris Salmins.

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