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Cased glass – glassware made of two or more layers of different colored glass. The process involves first making an outer casing by blowing a gather, knocking off one end, and opening the piece to form a cuplike shell. This shell is then placed in a metal mold and a second, different colored gather is blown into it. This combined piece is taken from the mold and reheated to fuse the two layers together. The outer layer is thick, which distinguishes it from the thin outer layer of flashed glass. This term is also improperly used in place of flashed or overlay to imply one layer of glass over another.

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Description: Blown & Hand Enamelled Cased Glass 12" Vase. Circa 1870-1890. Minor wear consitent with vase's age. No repairs or cracks.
Item #: D637-36599
Condition: Antique
Price: $225.00

Description: This rectangle vase was made by a glass company in Bohemia that you very rarely find any more. The company was Riedel. This vase is Circa 1900. It is cased (more than one layer of glass). The...More Details »
Item #: IT1-59420a
Condition: Antique
Description: Wheeling's Peachblow Glossy Stick 8.6" Tall Vase. No chips, cracks or repairs noted.
Item #: 102-57873
Condition: Antique
Price: $595.00

Items 1-3 of 3
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